Saturday, April 16, 2005

Not a Total Loss

Going about my day, I catch bits and pieces of game #10, the first of 3 at Pittsburgh. A critical moment comes early in the contest when the Cubs load the bases with one out and the meat coming to bat. Aramis strikes out (he used to obliterate his former club) and Big D grounds out. The score remains tied and I have that sinking feeling that this will come back to bite the Cubs big time.

I'm right. Although with the collapse of Remlinger and Fox it might not have made that big of a difference in the end. Pirates win 8-5.

Pssst. Neifi Perez is hitting .400. Don't tell the other bloggers. I loved it when I heard that he went yard.

The day isn't a total loss. David Ortiz hits a grand slam (fantasy points for me!) and while in Waldenbooks, I spy a gem in the bargain bin. What Baseball Means To Me, a compilation of over 100 essays from prominent politicians and personalities in and out of sports reflect upon the tie that binds us all, the love of our national pasttime. George Will, Bob Costas, Ernie Banks, George Bush (and his daddy) Charlie Sheen (and his daddy) and over 100 others. Beautiful hardback coffee table book full of vintage photographs. All this for (drum roll, please) $6!!

The first essay I read is from Pat Hughes, radio announcer for the Cubs. All he writes about is the '98 season with Sammy & Mark chasing some guy named Roger. Some day I will write of my memories from that year.

But today I'm just hoping that Mr. Dempster will repeat his earlier stellar performance and that tomorrow Greg Maddux can follow Derrek Lee's lead and have a good April for a change.

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