Saturday, April 23, 2005

Neifi's Team

It is about time for all those who have crucified or at the very least disrespected Mr. Perez for the last three weeks to finally give the man his props. He and Lee have carried this team on their backs. Not Burnitz. Not Ramirez, certainly not Kerry Wood. Others have contributed. Jason Dubois has done well. But Neifi for me is the emotional center of this team. And it is time for Cub fans everywhere to get behind him.

The 4-3 loss to the Pirates today was not his fault. Neifi got on base four times with a walk and three hits. He is doing the job in the field as well, turning fine plays when he has to.

Well done, Mr. Perez. Keep it up or Cub fans (and especially the Blog Army) will eat you alive.

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Joel R. said...

Neifi is what we got right now and I will root for him. Hopefully Hendry is able to make a deal for a SS sooner rather than later.