Monday, April 11, 2005

Ho Hum?

Bottom of the ninth, 1-0 score, one out. Up to the plate strolls Todd Hollandsworth. He has to face no less than Padres ace closer, Trevor Hoffman. It’s a nailbiter for sure and then the camera catches a shot of the Todd Hollandsworth fan club in the stands. Are they cheering wildly for their icon to be a hero? Are they encouraging him with chants of “Let’s Go Todd, Let’s Go Todd?”

Not quite.

They sit there, looking bored. One guy even yawns. Yawns? The announcer is perplexed. I am perplexed, even somewhat agitated. Hey fella, did you get the memo? There’s one outstanding baseball game in progress and it’s coming down to the wire and your guy is up! WAKE UP!

But Todd strikes out as he does in the 7th. Michael Barrett flies out and that’s the ball game. All right, fella. You can go home now and take a nap. An outstanding effort by Ryan Dempster is wasted, shades of the 70’s when Fergie Jenkins and Rick Reuschel lost so many 1-0 deceisions.

Why am I so irritated anyway? Because the Cubs lose? Possibly. Is it because I am jealous that while I am working that guy is enjoying himself within the Friendly Confines? Perhaps.

Is it because Todd Hollandsworth is starting in left instead of Jason Dubois? No, you will have to visit my fellow Cub bloggers for that complaint.

Maybe it has something to do with the first seven games. This team is still somewhat enigmatic and finding itself. A 3-4 record isn’t panic time but aside from a 16-6 blowout to start the season the bats have yet to come alive.

I don’t care if it only April. I don’t care if we are a generation where “chicks dig the long ball.” If ever there was a time in this fledgling of a season that called for excitement, even hysteria, this is it. The game is on the line. Man, give me something. Give me frustration over the Jeromy Burnitz error that leads to the game’s only run. Give me vitriolic apoplectic rage over the team’s best hitter, Todd Walker, going on the DL because yesterday Carlos Lee chose to gun for him with his spikes up.

The point is, for the love of everything that is sacred about Cub Baseball, feel something, anything.

Even Bartman did more than just sit there.

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atoddfanclub said...

yes the camera caught us at a bad time during the game. but if the wrigley field staff had not told us numerous times to take the sign down, maybe we'd get excited. in the 8th inning while everyone in the stands was cheering for ramirez and on their feet, we were too as we were the whole game, after he got out burnitz came to the plate and the balloon was popped, only the left and right field bleachers stood and cheered, as we did in the centerfield bleachers. Until the gaurd next to us made us sit down because the ball was being pitched. i'd say 7 or 8 times during that game we were told to sit down or put the sign down. as a fan who has come to games rain or shine my whole life, thats the first time somebody has told me to stop having fun at a cub game. maybe the blame should be placed on the drunk guys leaping into the shrubs in centerfield after the game and the drunks fighting during the game. for those reasons the gaurds there tighten up on every fan they can, and it just so happened to be us that day. i'm not a yuppie that goes to the game to hang out. and steve bartman surely is a great fan who did something you probably would have done in the same situation. i've taken the addison bus down to wrigley at least 100 times, even when the bleachers cost 6 bucks, don't think you're the best fan in the world becuase you watch them a lot.