Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Been There, Dunn That

All right, Adam, that's enough of that! Why? That's all I want to know. Why do you have to beat up so on Cub pitching?

Isn't it enough that you pummeled Chicago in the series at the end of September during their downward spiral? You remember, don't you Adam? On Sept 27 8th inning, BAM! home run against Todd Wellemeyer. Next day, BAM! home run against Greg Maddux. Next day BAM! home run against Glendon Rusch. Finally, in the 4th game of the series, you whiffed 3 times and didn't go yard.

But yesterday, twice against Kerry Wood, BAM! BAM! Either you have a fondness of the Flintstones or Emeril Lagassi, I'm not sure which.

Why, Adam? Did you get a bad pack of Wrigley's gum as a kid? Did you get bad service at Harry Carey's bar and grill? Did Steve Stone offer some constructive criticism? Did Dusty Baker's kid kick you in the shins?

Why the Cubs? You have not shown the same power proficiency facing any of the other clubs in the Central Division. In 115 at bats vs. current Cub pitching, you have gone deep 13 times! Against St. Louis and 100 times at bat you have hit only 4. Houston, 86 ab and 2 dingers!

Speaking of Houston, you have 40 at bats against Roy Oswalt and cleared the fences once. Against Kerry Wood, 8 hits in 29 ab, four of which were homers. You have only four hits against Greg Maddux out of 21 abs, but 3 of the 4 are home runs.

So what are you going to do today for an encore, Adam? You are facing Mark Prior. You are batting .111 against him (1-9) and no homers, YET. I sure hope Remlinger doesn't get in the game. You are 6-7 against Mike with one homer.

So, Adam, show a little mercy, man. As for hitting Cub pitching, you can say you've been there, Dunn that!!


kjk said...

lol. looks like a lot of cub pitchers have been getting the twisted neck treatment ...

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