Friday, April 22, 2005

Dempster Haunted by Clement's Ghost

I hate few things in life. Horror movies is one of them. But there is a horror movie being played out on the Cubs in their first tenth of the season. In Amityville Horror, the house was haunted. Anyone living there would be terrorized and dished up misfortune.

For the Cubs, the house has a name. 5th starter.

Last year Matt Clement was the victim. He finished the year 9-13 with an ERA of 3.68. on more times than not, on the days he pitched, the baseball demons would take possession of his teammates’ bats and he lost many decisions when he pitched really well.

Clement started 28 games in 2004 and the Cubs managed to lose 17 of them. In those games a total of 36 runs were scored by the good guys. Two runs a game and change.

Matt is gone but his ghost remains behind to haunt the Cubs’ new 5th starter, Ryan Dempster.

In his first four starts (1-3) his run support is seven, three while still pitching, four after his departure. All three were scored in his sole victory April 16th in Pittsburgh. In his 3 losses, Dempster’s teammates have failed to score while he was still in the game.

A rough first outing explains the 4.57 ERA. In his last three starts Ryan’s ERA is an even 2.00.
Somewhere the goblins and ghouls are rolling on the floor laughing.

Last night? Matt Clement won 1-0.

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