Monday, April 25, 2005


Everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was shot (if you are that old, that is.) And 9-11 is still too fresh for people to forget their whereabouts when they learned of the Towers.

If you are a Cub fan, a third date is indellibly etched in your memory.


The First (supposedly) night game in Wrigley Field. I hated it. I am a traditionalist. But reluctantly, I had to concede. The networks had messed with the natural order of things in '84 when the Cubs were supposed to have three home games in the playoffs. But the networks intervened and said that they needed the extra revenue that prime time would bring so they made it so the Padres got the extra home game and as a result, the Cubs lost the series 3-2.

Each team won at home.

So Dallas Green and others rammed lights down our throat.


I was living in Chicago at the time, actually, studying to be a minister. But my TV was on the blink. Actually it had died. So I called my cousin who lived in the burbs and he let us come out and watch it at his place.

Then the heavens opened with a deluge so strong that a just and holy God let everyone know precisely what He thought of the idea.

I am thinking of that night as the Cubs play their first night game this year. Who knows? It just might snow. And if it does, I will smile.

Go get 'em, Lord


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