Thursday, April 21, 2005

Down Goes Nomar! Down Goes Nomar!

Call it Eli’s Revenge.

On May 11, 2003, Cardinal right fielder Eli Marrero’s season was ruined when he ruptured ligaments in his right ankle when he slipped on the rain-soaked grass at Wrigley Field.

A game that should never have been played in the first place.

I’m not saying Busch Stadium’s conditions were comparable last night or even that Nomar Garciaparra slipped on wet ground outside of the batter’s box. But the bottom line may be eerily similar.

Nomar’s season could very well be ruined.

At least we won't have to have that insipid argument pitting Neifi Perez against Jerry Hairston Jr. for awhile. Both will have ample opportunities to prove their supporters/critics claims.

Happy Birthday Todd Hollandsworth!
You put smiles on your loyal if not misunderstood fan club's faces by snapping out of your 2 for your last 20 slump with 2 hits, including a double.

A scary night. The Cubs dodged imminent tragedy thanks to another stellar outing by Zambrano. Those 13 stranded baserunners usually spells gloom and doom for the Cubs, especially on Cardinal turf. Patterson stranded five as a lead-ff hitter! Are we sure we want him hitting in the middle of this order?

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