Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Best Kept Secret – Victor Santos

Why haven’t I heard of this guy? Tonite’s Cubkiller (Yes, I am predicting a 4th consecutive loss sending the CBA to an even deeper level of despair and disgust) is Brewer hurler Victor Santos. He has been flying below the radar screen all year. Cub fans should salivate if somehow Hendry could pull off a deal that puts Santos in Cubby Blue.

If he was in the American League I would snatch him up on my fantasy team faster than Dusty Baker can say “Macias, grab a bat!”

I’m not looking at anything but this year. If I considered every other season’s performance I wouldn’t be touting Neifi so highly. Players can improve from one season to the next. So far Victor has had several quality starts. Only a miscue against the Cardinals (and they tend to mar a pitcher’s record) blemishes his 2005 output.

After four starts this year (and one short relief stint), Vic is 1-1 with a snappy 3.25 era. He is also holding batters to an anemic .200 average, good enough for 5th in the National League. His 1.01 WHIP ranks 6th in the league.

Santos faced the Cubs on April 10th and outpitched Greg Maddux but neither got a decision as the game went 12 innings, Cubs winning 6-5. He surrendered 3 hits and 4 walks. Hollandsworth, Burnitz and Ramirez were all hot that day.

I hope I am wrong. But Santos is going to do very well this evening, I suspect.

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